Privacy Policy

We believe in treating our users the same way we would like to be treated ourselves. And we find user tracking exceedingly creepy. So does no user tracking whatsoever, it doesn’t collect any information about its users nor does it send any tracking data anywhere.

There are two instances where Guifero will send data anywhere outside your computer:

  • Whenever you search for gifs we’ll send your typed search terms to Giphy.
  • We may get Crash reports and diagnostic logs if you have allowed Apple to collect them. They shouldn’t have any identifying information and will be used to diagnose and fix bugs. The less of those we get, the better.

If you have any issue with the app and contact us at we will only keep your e-mail address as long as needed to maintain the conversation. Beyond that if we believe we have reason to keep your communications we will ask for permission to do so and respect your decision on the matter.